Fr. 21. Juni 2024 im FORUM Bielefeld

Einlass: 20.00 Uhr | 17,00 Euro (zzgl. VVK-Gebühr) | Abendkasse 20,00 Euro
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Slim Cessna´s Auto Club (Denver/US)

The family will be back!
Mit ihrem neuen Album „Buell Legion“ im Gepäck!
(Release: 31.5.24)

“We are grateful and appreciate every time we are allowed to entertain you. We do not take it for granted.
It is our job to alleviate your burdens and welcome you to escape into our world.” – Munly J. Munly, 32nd.

Getting to the 32’nd year of their career, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club are ready to present their newest LP coming out this May 31.
The second part of a trilogy of albums started with ‘Kinnery of Lupercalia; Undelivered Legion’ by Munly & The Lupercalians. Developed on the basis of a writing by Munly J. Munly, ‘Kinnery of Lupercalia: Buell Legion’ perfectly represents the contribution of all the members creating what’s the Denver sound is known for. “This album captures the perfect balance between our studio and live sound.” – explains Munly J. Munly.

With the new chapter of the trilogy, Munly showcases the story of Buells, one of the legions, direct descendants of the Northrops-Petr & The Wulf. An existential journey in the mythical world takes the listener to meet the creatures full of dread and heredity, accomplishing their wants against their instincts.
“They should be as they sprouted from the Northrops, the miserable Three Hunters. SCAC represents the Buells, a bit more gregarious and unreserved than other Legions of Lupercalia”.

Putting together the skeletons of the future record during the pandemic, Munly presented his ideas to all the members, his creative family who worked on the arrangements and the creative interpretation of the material. Written on the basis of the apocalyptic stories from the unknown world. According to Andrew Warner: “While the world was falling apart, I was happily building up many different versions of these songs with input and help from the rest of the band. So, I suppose I have this album to thank for my relative sanity”. The newest addition of George Cessna on baritone bass brought a different sense of melodies to the drum parts of Andrew Warner. While the soundscapes of Rebecca Vera complemented the entire atmosphere taking the sound to untraditional territories with the pedal steel and keyboard textures.

“This album will introduce you further into the cast of characters of Lupercalia via a new group of voices and soundscape yet still remain distinctly Slim Cessna’s Auto Club at its core.” – says Rebecca.

A challenging task creating the music serving the story as one conceptual unit brought the band together,
in a creative sense. Becoming the reason why these recordings succeeded, according to Dwight Pentacost.
“I’ve listened to them hundreds of times by now while recording and mixing.
I think it’s a good sign that my ears are not weary of hearing them. Everyone did incredible work.”

The Eventuells (BI)

Vintage Minimal Beat

Große Hits mit kleinem Besteck: The Eventuells sind zu zweit und spielen ›Vintage Minimal Beat‹. Vom Sound her geht die Reise in Richtung Sixties, obwohl auch jüngere Songs zum Repertoire gehören. ›Minimal‹ heißt Reduktion – Kleinschlagzeug und effektfreie Gitarre aus dem Röhrenverstärker.